RefinedKind Pet Products
This is an excellent cat tower if you're looking for something more regal and less "carpet monster" than your standard tower.
It has some pros and cons, for example: when you build the tower I recommend you have some wood-glue ready to add rigidity during the assembly process so that the whole structure is far more sturdy than it would be with only the screws it comes with. I recommend doing this with most wooden home assembly products, honestly ;)
But overall it definitely meets the needs you'd be looking for in a stylish tower like this ^_^ Attractive, sleek and easy to clean! 



This super sturdy cat condo is for those who are totally down with having a carpet tower in their home :D Excellent for homes with multiple cats and perfect for our YBF kitties, since they are small to medium sized cats (this tower's top condo doesn't accommodate xtra-large breeds as well, although they still love the tower)
Your kitties will play up and down this tower all day long!!



Water & Feed
This Water Bowl is simple, sleek, easy to clean and worth every penny!!



Water & Feed
This food bowl does the trick perfectly and is the counterpart to the waterbowl above ^_^



This is the best cat grooming tool, period! Works best on short and medium coat cats :)



H&H Pets
Does exactly what is supposed to. Easy to grip! No need to get fancy sometimes ^_^

We all wish we

Never needed this!

For the occasional accident or for those areas around the litter box that can get a bit... too natural... Nothing beats Natures Miracle! Get the big bottle and refill your own preferred spray bottles to have a supply you won't soon run out of ;)