***ANNOUNCEMENT 08/27/2019***

Yellow Brick Fold will soon be retiring. It’s been an amazing 10 years, and we’ve had even more amazing kittens bless our lives during that time; but we’ve decided our time running this cattery is at an end. As we’ve posted on our social media, all depositors will receive a kitten or a refund. We have two kittens from Peaches last litter and 4 kittens from Luna’s last litter. Our remaining kittens will all be offered to our depositors, and those that remain will be listed for sale on this site. We may have one more litter from Peaches, but no guarantees. If any depositors wish for a refund right away, just message me and I will process it immediately. However, we do receive a large volume of messages daily, so if you don’t hear back from us right away please message again, we are not ignoring you, we promise. As it stands, we don’t have many depositors remaining, as we’ve been thinking about retiring Yellow Brick Fold for some time. As such, the majority of these kittens will be available to those who have not been able to place a deposit yet. Kittens will be listed in the “Purchase Kitten” section of our site, but you are still obligated to complete the application or we reserve the right to reject the transaction. The password protection will be removed from the “Purchase Kitten” section as well, making it easier for those who have been waiting for some time to purchase one of our kittens.


Health GUARANTEE and contract


Prices vary based on traits of the kitten (breed, color, facial features, musculature, etc).  Deposits range from $250 to $500

British Shorthair - $800 to $1250

Munchkin - $1500 to $1750

Scottish Fold - $1500 to $1750

Munchkin Fold - $3500 to $4000

Delivery / Pickup

Kittens cannot be picked up before 9 weeks of age.  Delivery can be arranged within the continental US for an additional $350 per cat.  Buyer would have to pick the kitten up from the airport.  Kittens that have to fly will often stay for a few more weeks before we send them out to build up their weight first.  Full payment for kitten must me paid before pickup or booking of flight.

Our Team

Yellow Brick Fold is a family effort.  Each cat lives with us as a well loved pet, having free reign of the house to play and lounge.  

Travis and Joanna.jpg

Travis and Joanna

Travis and Joanna founded Yellow Brick Fold in 2008.  Originally the plan was to just get a Munchkin Fold as a pet.  Truth is they just couldn't find one, and at the time  were even looking internationally.  In the end, they decided they would have to make one themselves.  Fast forward a bunch or years and here we are!  The initial response to our posts was overwhelming.  Yellow Brick Fold now has cats in cities around the state of AZ, cats from LA to NY, cats in Europe, and other international destinations.  Despite the overwhelming demand, Travis and Joanna have decided to keep Yellow Brick Fold a small family cattery.  Cats deserve quality of life, and we will never grow beyond our ability to give them the best life possible.   

The Family.jpg

The Clan

The entire family helps with the smooth running of Yellow Brick Fold Cattery.  Whether it's keeping a female in their home and raising kittens, helping with trips to the vet, taking amazing photos, helping answer questions on our social media, or any of a million other things; they can always be counted on.  As a result of all this help each of our Queens and Sires live long and happy lives as pets, underfoot, as any precious cat deserves.  The cats get plenty of attention and affection, are never overcrowded with other cats, and they are never caged.