Below is our application for future pet owners of Yellow Brick Fold kittens.  After receiving this completed form we will review your responses and likely conduct a brief interview over the phone or through email to ensure all our kittens go to safe and loving homes.  After approval you will be given a password which will enable you to place a deposit for a future kitten on our deposits page.  Once you have this password you are free to place your deposit at your convenience, either right away or in the future when you are ready.  Deposits are non-refundable for 1 year from date of deposit, or 1 year from passing on an available kitten.

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We offer four breeds of cats. Please select the breed(s) you are wanting to place a deposit on. A deposit will need to be made for each breed selected
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Let us know if you have a gender preference. Please note that passing on a kitten due to gender will restart the 1 year non-refundable period for deposits.
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All prices listed and kittens shown on this site are for sale as pets only. All breeders please use the contact form at the bottom of the page for inquiries on kittens with breeding rights
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Please provide any additional information about yourself and your household that you feel shows you will provide a safe and loving home for one of our kittens.
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I have followed the link to the INFORMATION tab at the top of the page and reviewed the sample Contract and Health Guarantee linked there. I understand that If I should choose to purchase a kitten I will be subject to these terms and will agree to abide by the terms and conditions described therein