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 -Types of Kittens -


At Yellow Brick Fold Cattery we offer a range of breeds.  See below for info on each type of cat we breed


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Munchkin Fold 

AKA scottish kilt.  Short legs and folded ears

Munchkin Folds possess both the folded ear trait of a Scottish Fold and the short legs of the Munchkin to produce one of the cutest animals in existence.  In addition to their amazing looks, Munchkin Folds also have amazing personalities.  You will often find them striking hilarious posses around the house, following their humans around the house (they love people), or snuggled up on someones lap.  Our Munchkin Folds typically have stocky builds, fat cheeks, medium fur, and owl like round faces.    

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Scottish Fold

long legs and folded ears

Scottish Folds are known for the way their ears flop downward on their heads.  Our Scottish Folds are very loving and love to have their bellies rubbed.  They are very loyal animals and will snuggle you as much as you will let them.  Another interesting thing about our Scottish Folds is their adorable sing song meows.  It is very cute, particularly when they see you opening a can of wet food or the catnip jar!  They are great with kids, the elderly, and other pets (including dogs)



short legs and peaked ears

Munchkins are a relatively new breed.  First discovered in Louisiana in 1981, they have quickly grown in popularity due to their stunning looks and amazing kitten like personalities.  We have taught Munchkins to fetch, and they are always down to chase lasers and toys.  But, even though Munchkins love to play, once they are tuckered out they will fall asleep purring in your lap.     

Heidi Mixon - fiona websize-3917.jpg

British Shorthair

long legs and peaked ears

British Shorthairs can best be described as "regal".  The poses they make are practically aristocratic!  British Shorthairs are a very hearty and healthy breed, which makes them the perfect base breed for our Scottish Folds, Munchkins, and Munchkin Folds.  The iconic chubby cheeks of the breed just beg to get pinched, and pinch them we do!  These cats are great with families, other pets, and are absolutely stunning when they model for you. 

What greater gift than the love of a cat
— Charles Dickens


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We try to keep a constant stream of new photos and videos posted on our social media accounts.  You can also find posts from owners of our kittens and ask questions directly to people who have some of our cats living in their homes now.  We also make updates on upcoming litters, post pics we receive of our kittens growing up in their new homes, and can answer many questions very quickly.  Take look and see for yourselves!


Joanna and Travis with their first Queen Momo Himè

Joanna and Travis with their first Queen Momo Himè


It all started when...

Joanna and Travis decided they really wanted a Munchkin Fold kitten.  After seeing some YouTube videos of the breed, they both decided to find a breeder and get one.  Unfortunately, after several years of looking they were unable to find a cat, so they decided they would have to breed Munchkin Folds themselves if they ever wanted to have one.  So that's just what they did.  

Since those early days Yellow Brick Fold has expanded into a joint family labor of love.  Our philosophy is to raise our Sires and Queens in our homes, underfoot, just like any well loved pet.  We keep two cats per home, and never use cages.  Monty and Eli live with Joanna and Travis, Angus and Mia live with Mick and Terrilyn, and Fiona and Luna live with Eric.  This way each cat gets the attention and love it deserves.  We also prevent unwanted pregnancies by keeping all our active studs in one house away from the active females.  Kittens have free reign of the house and get plenty of socialization.  This early socialization is one of the key aspects that make our kittens so amazing.  It takes both nature and nurture to make amazing kittens, and we strive for the best of both.

But when it comes the awesome personalities of our kittens, you don't have to take our word for it.  We encourage you to visit our Facebook at and talk with other owners, or to just read what they've had to say.  I think you'll find they are very happy with their new pets and will confirm what we say about the great personalities our kittens display.

If you are wanting a kitten please visit the Application section of our site for pre-approval of purchasing a kitten.  From there you can place deposits on future kittens, or purchase available kittens.

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